What I’m Up To

I feel like I haven’t written anything on here for a while, but a lot has happened since I started this blog with the intention to write more light-hearted (in the sense that they are not perfectly polished) stories.

I was so pleased when I found out I got a place on Spread The Word’s Flight Scheme. A scheme that helps three people each year gain more publishing skills, as well as giving them the time to write more. I’ve been in the scheme only three months and I’ve started a Proofreading course at the Publishing Training Centre, attended Bare Literature festival (you can read a thought piece I wrote here, and interview with Haris Durrani here), gone to an amazing workshop with writer Steve Tasane , and attended a talk with literary agent Jo Unwin. As well as having weekly talks with my team about our next steps for the online fiction site Flight Journal. It’s been amazing and just what I needed.

I’m also revisiting my first ever novel Zara Freej & The Monopoly of Magic (or maybe I will change it to Monopoly of Magic – who knows?) I feel like this is the year I will really sort the book out. I’ve been putting it off for years (six to be precise). I’ve finally realised key changes that need to be made to the setting, and recently the point of view. It’s really exciting. But really time consuming. Hence why I’ve not had the chance to write more short fiction.

In addition to this, I’ve recently started a part-time role at Penguin Random House as a Data Archivist (a production role). I love being in the publishing environment (and of course the staff discount), and it is putting me one step closer to my goal to work in editorial publishing next year. So, yeah, it’s all very busy and exciting.

So I doubt I’ll be able to churn as many out, and I also want to take my time writing short pieces that could potentially be sent for competitions (ambitious maybe). That said, I usually write the stories in coffee shops when I’m in a certain mood, so still watch this space.

I’m also going to the London Book Fair in a few weeks so I can update you all on that with fun pictures and a thought piece!

Sara xoxo



2 thoughts on “What I’m Up To

  1. Dear Sara, I work in a busy and buoyant high school library in Harrow. I believe you live in London and would like to invite you to our World Book Day celebration in March. I would like to e-mail you direct, so that I can explain the details, and see whether this is feasible.
    Best wishes,
    Celia Russo
    Library Manager

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