2016 Roundup

To say 2016 was busy would be an understatement. Since my last post I did even more as a Flight Associate, such as co-curating a talk with the Folio Society on the authenticity paradox in writing that was presented at the British Library. We were given the opportunity to meet with amazing editors such as Jacob Ross, Ellah Allfrey and Max Porter. Gaining advice from such experienced editors was absolutely invaluable, and I learnt a great deal. We attended publishing events and talks, and were given formal training. Spread The Word really do amazing writer workshops (such as one I did last year with Steve Tasane about the opener of your novel – he provided us with such detailed feedback – it was honestly amazing!) So if you’re like I was and interested in pursuing a career as an editor  and writer these types of schemes are hugely helpful, and if in doubt apply (when I applied I didn’t think I really stood a shot, and here we are).

Being Co-Editor of Flight Journal itself was an experience; we were inundated with submissions for both Issue 2 and Issue 3, and it was so much fun reading through the submissions and taking the works from submission to their published form on the site. I also realised that I have a knack for design through rebranding the website and creating marketing material – these types of schemes really make you learn things about yourself. Issue 3 came out in December 2016 – if you haven’t already checked it out take a look here. Also be sure to keep checking the site if you’re a budding writer as the 2017 Flight Associates will be calling for submissions sometime this year.

Despite all this I have to say I didn’t write much in 2016 – and this is something I am keen to change (dare I say it’s a new year’s resolution?) So watch this space! I have so many ideas for stories and articles floating about and I feel like this year I actually have the time to put pen to paper. I did write a few bits which I’ll go into a bit more detail in another post, but not much fiction writing. I have been given the advice that being a writer and editor is a task, and it doesn’t always work. This year I really want to focus on my writerly side more, and take time for myself.

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