I’m a 23 year old English and Comparative Literature graduate who has been writing for around eight years now.

Currently, I work at Penguin Random House as a Data Archivist. I was Co-Editor for Flight Journal in 2016, and I was on the Flight 1000 Scheme with Spread The Word.

I love to write. When I was fifteen I begun my first full length novel: Zara Freej & The Monopoly of Magic. I wanted to read a YA book that featured a girl that wasn’t white with an ordinary easy life (apart from her being involved in magic/the supernatural). I wanted to read something about a girl who has strict Muslim parents, and she still falls in love with a guy who has ‘powers’ of some kind. I googled it thinking surely this book exists, the protagonists can’t all be like Bella Swan (that said I did love Twilight). And yes, some books did go a bit further from the boring plain girl but not enough. So I wrote my own book. Admittedly, it is written badly and is reminiscent to a lot of the books I read as a teenager. But it was the beginning for me. Since, I have written a novella and I am working on a completely new novel, one which moves away from YA fiction.

I’m using this blog to explore my writing, and keep my creatively alive. As I now work full-time I think it is really easy to push writing aside, even if it is something you love.

I hope you enjoy the works.


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